The Strike

oday I woke to discover that the world decided to shift ever so slightly more out of whack than normal. This discovery was initially found out when my right arm and my left arm, neither being very happy with their place in life, decided to switch sides.

A Warning

Please. This is of vital importance! We are about to become under attack. Yes attack! Our ultimate demise is near at hand unless we prepare ourselves now. Who is attacking? Why? How? When? And do I have enough time for one more quick game of solitaire? These are the questions I am sure you are asking yourself. To answer them let me start at the beginning:




I am standing at the checkout counter of a grocery store. There, swaying on the taunt string to the music of artificially cooled air is a balloon. Inside that balloon are millions and millions of tiny particles dancing a chaotic dance obeying dogmatic laws we have not yet created. Each stead fast in its direction until it meets another. Then, in an instant, sometimes gently, sometimes with a smash, their path is forever changed. This locomotion plays on and on even after the tiny little specs of elemental mud escape the bondage of their world the balloon.


I look down from the universe of bouncing helium to the somewhat plump face of a young lady.

"Your total is 18.72"

I smile and pull out a one hundred-dollar bill and lay it on the counter. As she takes the cleverly designed piece of legal tender I notice a slight scar on her hand and wonder what group of confined particles did that. And why.

"Do you have a food lion card?"

"I do. Somewhere. I am just not sure where."

She takes her card out from under the register and rings it in. Electrons fly their way and make a -.79 appear on a little black screen in front of me.

"Your total is 17.88."

"Thank you." I smile and she smiles back. I gather my bags and leave.

Sometimes the change in direction is little. Sometimes big. But the particles keep going on their merry way.

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