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The Strike

Photo originally by:  Thomas Edwards

Photo originally by: Thomas Edwards

Today I woke to discover that the world decided to shift ever so slightly more out of whack than normal. This discovery was initially found out when my right arm and my left arm, neither being very happy with their place in life, decided to switch sides. This may not have been a big deal because I am ambidextrous, yet, did pose quite a problem because they ended up facing the wrong way. To my pleasant surprise however, it did make for much easier back scratching.

I am presently in negations with these appendages to return to their god given posts. Their demands are rather high. The left arm is requesting daily massages from a playboy playmate. I have informed him that this request is considered sexist and no court in the country would uphold his request. The right arm is demanding a tattoo of the arm-n-hammer logo, his personal hero.

This does not bood well for the remainder of my appendages. Rumor has it that my legs and ears are considering a time share situation.

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